Here at Sikky we offer a Turn Key Build Service, you can learn more here

As with any turn key project here they all start with a consultation with the customer where we figure out the wants, needs and desires for their build project.  In this particular case after discussing this there was some criteria that were must haves.

  • Reliability is #1 (that’s why we were planning an LS swap, DUH!)
  • All possible luxuries and amenities that worked on the RX7 in OEM form needed to function such as AC and Power Steering
  • Brakes needed to be upgraded to suit the much higher output of the V8 engine that would be going in this car
  • Suspension needed to be upgraded to handle better in the corners and make sure the power was getting to the ground
  • Wheels and Tires also needed to support this massively increased torque output and make sure we get traction when we want it
  • Improving the already sexy lines of the FD by adding a wide body kit and painting it a fresh black color.


Many more criteria would be defined in later steps but this list would cover the main factors.  Another aspect of this build was that the customer did not have a donor car so we had to find and acquire this car for him making sure we picked a fine specimen for this build.  After scouring the web and contacts we located this very good condition 1994 RX7.  It had its fair share of flaws but it had good bones and no major accidents on it’s record.  As rotary’s do, then engine had blown up and was turned into a boat anchor.  Making plenty of room for the new V8 heart.  First step was to get the chassis ready to leave for the body shop by cleaning up the engine bay and massaging the sheet metal back in the areas that would cause some clearance issues after the engine was installed.

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