in Baltimore, MD

Are you located in the Baltimore area, or willing to travel?

If so, you can have the LS experts at Sikky Manufacturing build your LS powered vehicle here at our facility.

Below is a list of the basic components used in our base level package. This base package is factoring in using a used LS1 engine and used T56 transmission. Many other engine and transmission options are available including brand new GM crate engines as well as Sikky Spec built engines:

  • GM V8 LS1 engine (choice of any LS based engine available – price will vary)
  • 6 speed T56 manual transmission (automatic and other manual transmission options available)
  • Complete Sikky bolt in motor mount kit
  • Sikky Fuel Line Kit w/ Fuel Pump Upgrade
  • Custom Sikky Genesis LSx Oil Pan
  • Sikky Power steering line kit (car will retain functional power steering)
  • Sikky Air Intake
  • Sikky Stainless 1 7/8″ Headers
  • Custom Built Exhaust connection between existing cat back system and Sikky headers (custom exhaust also available)
  • Sikky swap accessories
  • Custom Radiator Hoses
  • Wiring Conversion Harness
  • GM ECU
  • Dyno Tested and ready to Race
  • Professional Installation of all components by Sikky Technicians

Additional Options:

  • Upgraded clutch and flywheel
  • Upgraded wheels and tires
  • Upgraded coilover suspension and bushings with performance alignment
  • Forced Induction
  • Aftermarket Standalone EFI Systems
  • Aftermarket Racing Digital Gauge Cluster
  • Multiple Exhaust Options
  • Engines can be modified prior to installation
  • Car can be provided for an additional cost.

Package/Service Starting At $24,499.99

With these swap packages we offer a wide variety of options to our customers to enable them to build a car specifically for them. For any custom options feel free to contact our sales staff for cost and availability.

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How does the process work?

Typically we start the process off by having a phone consultation with the customer in regards to their project. We will go over the needs, goals and budget for the project and work with you to evaluate different options that are available. From this point we will work up an initial estimate for the customer allowing them to see a rough cost for the project. Typically these estimates are within 10% of the total final cost of the project. If the customer is happy with the quote, at this point we will schedule a drop off date and give a total for the deposit required for the job. Typically we ask for at least 50% of the parts be paid for on drop off to allow us to order most of the larger components for the car.  You will be contacted later for the remaining 50% of the parts bill on the job. Once the parts arrive typically the car will be completed within 4-6 weeks (depending on the job specifications). Final payment for labor and any additional expenses will be paid upon pickup of the vehicle.

Can I bring my own engine?

Yes! We will work with a customer supplied engine and transmission.

What engines are available for this swap?

Any engine in the LS family will work for this swap, below is a chart going over what engines fit with our engine mounting kit.

Do you offer custom built engines?

We have several engine builders we work with to offer custom engines built to suite our customers needs. Basic engine modifications such as heads, cam changes, intake upgrades, and such are also available in house. Our sales team can work with you on pricing and options.

What other transmission options are available for these packages?

We often get asked what transmissions are available for these swap applications. Typically speaking we prefer to use either a 4L60E, T56, or the T56 Magnum as we offer cross members and driveshafts for these applications. If you prefer to use a TR6060 or a 4L80, please contact us for details and pricing and fitment information. Clutch less race transmissions are available upon request as well, please contact our sales staff for information.

Can I make changes to the build during the process?

Yes, changes can be made to the build during the process. However additional labor will be added to the build to cover the extra time if any work needs to be re done.

Can other upgrades be done to the car during the build process?

Yes, we do install other upgrades to vehicles as well such as brakes, wheels, suspension, aftermarket electronics, chassis work, aftermarket EFI systems, forced induction systems, drive line upgrades and more!

Will I be able to keep my old motor and parts?

All parts removed from the vehicle will be stored on a pallet during the vehicles stay at our facility. Parts need to be picked up within 14 days of vehicle completion.

I live far away. Do you work with any transport company’s?

We work with several automotive transport company’s and offer shipping any where in the world. Please contact our sales staff for pricing.