Popular LSx Swap Parts

  • LS1 Air Intake

    Universal LS1 Intake System

  • LS1 Valley Cover

    Universal LS1 Valley Cover

  • LSx oil filter relocation kit

    Universal LSx Swap Oil Filter Relocation Kit

  • Sikky LS1 / LS2 / LS3 / LS6 / LS7 oil pan

    Universal LSx Swap Oil Pan- Front Sump Style 2

  • Universal T56 Magnum 4″ Shifter Relocation Kit


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“This swap kit makes putting a Chevrolet LS engine into your car 100% bolt-in with no cutting or headaches. If you’re going to do a V8 Chevrolet swap on a budget then try to cut your expenses elsewhere because I would rate this swap kit under a necessity.”

New Hydraulic Handbrake Line

  • Black Hydrualic Handbrake

    Pull Back Hydraulic Handbrake Kit

  • Pull Back Hydraulic Handbrake with Relocation Rod

    Pull Back Hydraulic Handbrake Kit w/ Relocation Rod

  • Pull Back Reverse Mount Hydraulic Handbrake Kit

  • Pull Up Hydraulic Handbrake

    Pull Up Hydraulic Handbrake Kit