How does the process work?

Typically we start the process off by having a phone consultation with the customer in regards to their project. We will go over the needs, goals and budget for the project and work with you to evaluate different options that are available. From this point we will work up an initial estimate for the customer allowing them to see a rough cost for the project. Typically, estimates are within 10% of the total final cost with projects starting around $24,499. If the customer is happy with the quote, at this point we will schedule a vehicle drop off date at Sikky Manufacturing (Baltimore, MD) and give a total for the deposit required for the job.  Once the parts arrive typically the car will be completed within 4-6 weeks (depending on the job specifications). Final payment for labor and any additional expenses will be paid upon pickup of the vehicle.

Do you offer custom built engines?

We have several engine builders we work with to offer custom engines built to suite our customers needs. Basic engine modifications such as heads, cam changes, intake upgrades, and such are also available in house. Our sales team can work with you on pricing and options.

Can I make changes to the build during the process?

Yes, changes can be made to the build during the process. However additional labor will be added to the build to cover the extra time if any work needs to be re done.

Can other upgrades be done to the car during the build process?

Yes, we do install other upgrades to vehicles as well such as brakes, wheels, suspension, aftermarket electronics, chassis work, aftermarket EFI systems, forced induction systems, drive line upgrades and more!