Q- Will your mount kits work with RHD chassis’?

A- Our basic mount kits will work with RHD vehicles and so will our sway bars. Unfortunately the headers, power steering lines and master cylinder kit are not RHD compatible. We’re working to release a full RHD suite of swap parts asap for all chassis

Q- Do I need to flash my ECU when doing this swap?

A- Yes your LS ECU does need to be flashed. We can do that in house if you would like to send that in. That service starts at $175.

Q- Can my car have A/C?

A- Right now we have an A/C kit for the LS swapped S-chassis’. We will be releasing the Z/G version of this A/C kit asap. In the mean time those chassis’ will have to be a custom on-off setup.

Q- Do you ship your products internationally?

A- We ship everything worldwide. Feel free to email us for an accurate quote or you can setup an international order directly off our website. Also we may even have an international dealer setup near you! Be sure to check our dealers page to find out.

Q- What is your return policy?

A- We can accept returns for unused parts up to 30-days after purchasing with a 10% restocking fee. After that we are unable to process a return.

Q- Can I use a LQ engine with your mount kit (or another truck version that shares the LS mount locations)?

A- This kit is compatible with truck setups. However the accessory drive may need to be switched over to the car version for clearance purposes. We haven’t done any first hand testing with the truck engines so we can’t say for sure, just a heads up in that regards, since our kit in designed completely around clearances for car engines.