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The genesis of the Genesis build!

So as we were finishing up the first production run of Gen coupe swap kits, we happened to stumble upon this car at auction. With the amount everyone here at the shop enjoyed the last project, we decided to pick up one for ourselves to use as a company test and demonstration vehicle! This car […]

Roll in and tear down

Here at Sikky we offer a Turn Key Build Service, you can learn more here https://www.sikky.com/rx7turnkey/ As with any turn key project here they all start with a consultation with the customer where we figure out the wants, needs and desires for their build project.  In this particular case after discussing this there was some […]

Sikky a part of the perfect drift car recipe

“It’s usually at this point of a feature where I try to get all poetic in an attempt to bring you gently around to the idea of yet another V8-swapped S-chassis. But I’m not going to do that. Because it should be blindingly obvious to everyone at this stage that the concept of re-powering a […]