Made in the USA

Sikky products are American, through and through – from R&D all the way to final production and customer service. We start researching  product in house and at the track. Once we are ready for design, we source raw materials from the USA and build/assemble  every product at our facility in Baltimore, MD.

Unrivaled Advantage

Sikky provides an unrivaled advantage for our customers when it comes to engineering and manufacturing: the best cost-to-performance products available on the market. But what completes the package is the industry’s best customer service. By networking with our distributors we provide them with great product support and information to support their customers.


This swap kit makes putting a Chevrolet LS engine into your car 100% bolt-in with no cutting or headaches. If you’re going to do a V8 Chevrolet swap on a budget then try to cut your expenses elsewhere because I would rate this swap kit under a necessity.